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Thursday, 07 July 2011 16:31
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Our rates start at just $125 per hour plus a $55 trip charge for our block hour customers.

Without a contract or service agreement our standard rate is $135 per hour plus a $55 trip charge (1 hour minimum).

Certain tasks which require specialized skills or training such as disaster recovery, router programming, and server configuration are billed at our advanced rate which is $150 per hour.

Rates for non-standard services, such as data recovery and incident response may be billed at a higher rate which will depend on the situation.

Computer Forensics work is billed as follows:

  • Computer forensics hard drive or digital media imaging: $225 per hour
  • Computer forensics investigations by EnCE certified technician: $300 per hour
  • Computer forensics court testimony / expert witness testimony: $400 per hour


Work performed outside the typical scope of a project is billed as follows:

  • Work performed on weekends and after-hours is billed 1.5x the regular rate
  • Work performed on Sundays or holidays is billed at 2x the regular rate
  • Emergency service is billed at 1.5x the regular rate


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